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Precision Training Lathe TL-430

Precision Training Lathe  Adobe Systems TL-430



1. Selective bed width:

    S series: 300mm

    M series: 350mm

    L series: 400mm

2. Varied spindle bore diameters:

     S series: Ø58mm / Ø78mm(Optional)

     M series: Ø85mm

     L series: Ø85mm / Ø115mm(Optional)

3. With imported bearings installed on spindle, maximum cutting depth can be 8mm and
     roundness reaching 0.003mm (200mm long).

4. Equipped with plastic rear gears, shafts and gears inside headstock are well protected if crash
    should occur. (S series)

5. Thermal treated and precision ground alloy gears.

6. Universal gearbox for both imperial and metric threading – converting table also attached.

7. Tracks of cross slide and bed are well lubricated with lubrication pump (manual).

8. Overload device to ensure safely when operating.

9. Wear-resistant phosphor bronze lead screw nuts.

10. Double reservoir oil bath type cross slide. (for S series)

11. Thermal treated Meehanite cast bed, hardness of bed reaching HS70.

12. One-piece base with high rigidity and low vibration.

13. High-capacity coolant tank offers sufficient coolant output.





Swing Over Bed

430 mm (17")

Swing Over Cross Slide

240 mm (9-1/2")

Center Height

215 mm (8-1/2")

Center Distance (mm)

560,760,1000,1500,2000  (22",30",40",60",80")

Swing Over Gap

650 mm (25-1/2")

Bed Width

300 mm (11-4/5")

Spindle Nose

 ASA D1 - 6 / D1 - 8 (Opt.)

Spindle Bore

58 mm (2-1/4") / 78 mm (3") (Opt.)

Taper of Spindle Bore

MT 6 / MT 7(Opt.)

Spindle Speed

20 ~ 2000 R.P.M. ( 12 steps )-spindle bore :58mm /
40 ~ 2000 R.P.M. ( 12 steps )-spindle bore :78mm

Inch Threads Range

4 ~ 56 T.P.I.

Metric Threads Range

P 0.5 ~ P 7

Longitudinal Feeds Range

0.05 ~ 0.82 mm (0.002-0.032")

Cross Feeds Range

0.02 ~ 0.4 mm (0.001-0.0094")

Leadscrew Diameter

35 mm (1-1/3")

Leadscrew Pitch

4 T.P.I. or 6 mm

Taper of Tail Center

MT 4

Tail Spindle Travel

150 mm (5-7/8")

Tail Spindle Diameter

58 mm (2-1/4")

Main Drive Motor

5HP (3.75KW) / 7.5HP (5.625KW.Opt.)

Coolant Pump

1/8 HP (0.1KW)

Compound Rest Travel

125 mm (4-7/8")

Cross Slide Travel

245 mm (9-2/3")

Machine Dimensions (cm)

L: 165,189,215,265,317     W:81     H:119

Packing Dimension (cm)

L: 175,198,228,279,337     W:95     H:162

Net Weight  (kg)


Gross Weight (kg)



Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

Tool Box


3-jaw scroll chuck

Chuck guard



4-jaw independent chuck

American tool post

Safety pin


Face plate

Change gears for D.P and module thread

Screw wrench for cutter setting


Steady rest

5C lever collect closer

Back plate


Follow rest

Driving plate

Coolant system


Work light

Quick change tool post

4-way tool post


4-position carriage stop

Digital readouts

Auto-feed stopper ring


Micro carriage stop

Hydraulic copying machine

Center sleeve


Live centers

Chip guard

Levelling  pads


Rear cutter rest

ID/OD Grinder



Taper turning attachment

Rapid Traverse (L series)



Rear splash guard


*Above information are for reference only. The machine design, specification as and construction are subject to change without prior notice.

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