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High Speed Precision Lathe  ET-1640A/1660A


Adobe Systems



1. Bed is made of high tensile cast iron FC25.

2. Harden and ground bedways.

3. Gears and shafts on headstock are hardened and precisely ground.

4. Emergency foot brake is equipped for cutting the power and stopping the machine immediately.

5. Open type chip pan designed to remove chip.

6. Starting lever with safety device.

7. Apron is equipped with an interlock safety device to prevent feeding inter gearing on the automatic feed and the half-nut operation.

8. Overload safety device is equipped to shut off feeding automatically when the longitudinal or cross feeding is overload or touching with obstacle.


Please Indicate Following Specifications Upon Order

1. Lead screw or reading dial in inch or metric.

2. Left or right apron hand wheel.

3. Electrical voltage and cycles.








Swing over bed

400mm (16")

Swing over saddle

242mm (9-1/2")

Swing over gap

552mm (21-3/4")

Distance between center

1000mm (40")

1500mm (60")

Bed width

260mm (10")

Number of spindle speeds


Range of spindle speeds

50-2000 R.P.M.

Bore through spindle

55 mm (2-3/16")

Spindle nose

D1-6 Camlock

Taper of spindle nose

MT 6

Tailstock Quill taper

MT 4

Tailstock Quill travel

110 mm (4-3/8")

Cross slide travel

200 mm (8")

Compound Rest travel

90 mm (3-9/16")

Metric threads

(32 Numbers) 0.4-7.0 mm Mod

Inch threads

(32 Numbers) 8-120 D.P.

Longitudinal feeds

0.029-0.412 mm(0.0017"-0.0242"/rev)

Net weight (kgs)



Gross weight (kgs)



Packing dimensions L x W x H

2083x864x1524 (82"x34"x60")

2590x864x1524 (102"x34"x60")



Standard Accessories:


Optional Accessories:

1. 5HP 3PH Main Drive Motor


1. Steady rest

2. D1-6 6" Back plate 8"(200mm) & 10" (250mm)


2. Follow rest

3. MT4 Center


3. Face plate 10" (250mm)

4. MT 6x4 Center sleeve


4. Drill chuck 1/2" (13mm)w/arbor

5. 4-way tool post


5. Rolling center (MT4)

6. Complete electric control unit


6. 3-Jaw scroll chuck 8" (200mm)

7. Change gears


7. 4-Jaw independent chuck 10" (250mm)

8. 1/8HP coolant pump


8. Taper turning attachment

9. Rear splash guard


9. Quick change tool post (With 4 Tool holders)

10. Rapid foot brake


10. Single saddle stop

11. Tool box & kits


11. 4-Position saddle stop



12. Chuck guard



13. 5C collet closer



14. DRO equipment



15. Work light


*Above information are for reference only. The machine design, specification as and construction are subject to change without prior notice.

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